Delete Social Media: The Real Life of a Pro Photographer

If you're convinced that you need Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be a pro photographer, let me drop some truth bombs on you: you're falling into the digital trap. In this world obsessed with likes and followers, it's time to strip off social media and discover that a photographer's true greatness goes beyond filters and fleeting comments.
Delete Social Media: The Real Life of a Pro Photographer
Why Ditch Social Media as a Photographer?

1. Quality over Quantity: Do you really think the number of followers on your Instagram defines your skills as a photographer? Wake up. The quality of your work should be the focus, not how many likes you can rack up on a post.

2. Unrestricted Creativity: Free yourself from the limitations imposed by social media trends, and explore your creativity without constraints. No more worries about algorithms – just do what you love, and let your art speak for itself.

3. Real Connections, Not Virtual Ones: Instead of seeking recognition in the digital world, go out and make real connections. Attend events, exhibitions, and local photography networks. Meeting people face-to-face can open doors that online comments never could.

4. Focus on Your Portfolio, Not Your Profile: Your portfolio should be your calling card, not your Instagram grid. Spend time perfecting your craft and building an impressive body of work, instead of trying to maintain a thematic grid on a social media platform.
Delete Social Media: The Real Life of a Pro Photographer
Standing Out Without Social Media:

1. Professional Website: Invest time and effort in creating a website that reflects your style and photography skills. Make it easy to navigate, and showcase your best works.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Learn the ropes of SEO and optimize your website to be easily discoverable by search engines. Use relevant keywords for your niche and city to be more visible to those seeking your services.

3. Local Collaborations and Events: Get involved in community events, collaborate with other artists, and establish real-world connections. Your physical presence can have a much more lasting impact than a simple like on a screen.

4. Testimonials and Recommendations: Ask satisfied clients to leave testimonials on your website. Recommendations are a powerful way to build trust and credibility without relying on the instant validation of social media.

Delete Social Media: The Real Life of a Pro Photographer
"Lubakian" Tip: The Myth of Instant Visibility

The culture of social media has sold us the idea that instant visibility is the key to success. But do you really need thousands of likes for your photo to be respected as a photographer?
Instead of obsessing over follower count, focus on building a solid base of real followers who appreciate your work. Long-term visibility, based on the quality of your photographs and your reputation, is far more valuable than the fleeting fame of a viral post.

"Lubakian" Tips for Standing Out Without Social Media:

1. Embark on Meaningful Projects: Get involved in photography projects that truly inspire you. Authenticity will shine through in your work and attract those who appreciate the passion behind the lens.

2. Build Your Own Brand: Don't let social media dictate your identity as a photographer. Create your own personal brand based on your values and unique style. Consistency and authenticity will attract those seeking more than just ephemeral images.

3. Offline Networking: Attend industry events, art fairs, and local meet-ups. Meeting other professionals and photography enthusiasts in person can open doors you didn't even know existed.

4. Focus on Narrative: Social media may reduce photography to a mere image, but true art goes beyond that. Build narratives in your work, tell stories through your photos. The depth of your work will speak louder than any Instagram filter.

Strip off social media and discover the genuine satisfaction of being recognized for the quality and passion you pour into each photograph. Screens may conceal, but your art reveals. Let the Lubakian way of photography guide you on the real path to recognition!

Good cloudy light for your photos dear !!

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